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The step to getting somewhere is determining that you are not going to stay where you are. - Unknown

You should want a bad bitch like this

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i want to sleep but I also want to go downstairs and eat. send help.

Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014

"Either stand tall, or sit the fuck down."

- Mos Def  (via fatseux)

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Anonymous: So you manipulate old guys to give you money? Why don't you just date guys your own age like the rest of the world instead of being a whore? I am very happy with my boyfriend and he doesn't buy me anything cause that's not what relationships are about! So why are you a 'sugar baby?'




That is all.


Why are people such horrible judgmental fucks?

1. Don’t tell me what relationships are about
2. What is manipulative about negotiated transactions?
3. I don’t care about your boyfriend who doesn’t buy you anything but makes you happy because I’m not looking for a man to “make me happy”. I’m looking for a man to give me money. 
4. I’m obviously better at paying the bills than you

Lmao I love this. Haha

c0mfortably-dumb: are you a sugar baby?